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It's Your Move


cover1In the old New England town of Weymouth, Massachusetts, not far below Boston, a fierce Nor'easter snow storm blew all day Friday, booming off the cold Atlantic Ocean from the north and east, bringing wave after wave of heavy wet snow. School was canceled and at the Angelino home, there were three very happy kids who got to stay home for the day. Pete was eight and in the third grade, Rosa going on ten in the fourth grade, and older brother Andy, a big fifteen, was now a freshman in high school.

At around ten o'clock that night, in the den Pete and Rosa stared at a chess board set up next to their computer. On the computer screen was the same chess layout. Next to the computer was a book on how to play chess.

"Pete,Rosa, time for bed," Marie, their mother hollered on he way to answer the phone which had begun to run in the kitchen.

Pete shook his head. "I can't figure this game out, Rosa," he complained. "Dad's gonna be disappointed 'cause we didn't read the book."

Rosa rubbed her eyes. "Well, we kinda tried.Anyway, I just wanted to watch TV and play in the snow. Today is a holiday with all the snow. And this game's pretty hard.”

They heard a wave of snow sweep over the house and turned to see the sparkling white flakes blasting off the windowpanes.

Older brother Andy, standing tall in the doorway, stuck his head in the room. "Hey shrimps... you figure out that move yet?"

Rosa and Pete slowly shook their heads at the same time.

"Ah,that's too bad," Andy said with a sly smile on his face. "Dad taught me years ago...but sorry, I can't help you. That wouldn't be fair. Chess, you know, it's a battle, and as they say, all's fair in love and war."

Their mom leaned in the doorway behind Andy and mussed his hair. "Now stop teasing them. They will learn the game just like you did. At their age you weren't any Grand Champion Bobby Fisher, young man."

"Yeah, it's a wonder you can think," Rosa teased. "Considering all the time you spend listening to that crazy rock music."

"Heavy metal, my dear," Andy corrected her. "Who knows? Maybe I'm gonna form my own band some day."

"Oh boy," Pete said rolling his eyes. "Call it The Brain Dead."

"Dad's on the line," Mom said. "He wants to talk with you both."

"Uh oh," Andy said. "Commander Angelino on line one, shrimp bait!"

Pete and Rosa walked slowly down the hall to get to the extensions. Rosa picked up the phone. Standing beside her, Pete pressed his ear next to hers.

"Hi Dad.Where are you?" Rosa asked.